SHEIN... Hit or Miss??

After hearing so many of my friends rave over SHEIN with how affordable and amazing their clothes were, I decided to finally hop on the bandwagon and buy some things to try for myself. I was surprisingly shocked with how great everything fit and the quality because I honestly did not have high expectations. The biggest problem I had was the amount of time I had to wait until it arrived: ALMOST TWO MONTHS. One of my friends said the first time she ordered from SHEIN, she had the same problem... so maybe its a first-time customer kind of thing. I had no updates on shipping information until the day it arrived. I had to contact them several times and heard several different answers each time, which I'm sure anyone would find extremely frustrating. But luckily after a little while, they got in contact with me and the customer service ended up being helpful. They also rewarded me 50 points for the late shipment.

Once it finally arrived, everything was a hit for me! Each piece was true to size, which is something I was very hesitant about when buying. I recommend looking at the reviews to see what other people are saying about their purchases. But I would love to buy more from them soon. Hopefully next time is faster shipping.

Let me start out by saying I'm obsessed with SHEIN's packaging; it's so sleek and simple and surprisingly aesthetically pleasing.

The first thing I purchased was this white backless short sleeve cropped tee. I absolutely love the lace trimming in the neck line and around the back. The open back is my favorite thing about this shirt. This is a basic cropped tee but with a little touch in the back to dress it up.

The next shirt I purchased was another backless crop top. Its cold in New Jersey so not sure why I got all these backless pieces but I don't regret it at all! It's the perfect light blue color and the material is thick which is great for the winter weather. I also love how thick and long the tie is so you can wrap it around your waist many different ways. I will definitely be ordering this shirt again in different colors!

This plaid overall dress has my heart. Brown has been one of my favorite colors to wear recently so this was my absolute favorite purchase on SHEIN!! It gives me more fall vibes but as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to add it to my cart. It has pockets which is always a plus for me. I will admit this dress was a little snug at first so maybe size up if that's something you worry about but it's a fav for me!

I also purchased this cute mini black croc embossed shoulder bag! It surprisingly holds a lot and is just the perfect bag to add a simple touch to any outfit.

I have always been obsessed with everything snake print so this strapless bodysuit caught my eye the second I saw it. I wish I had a picture of the back but it has this beautiful lace up tie. I think you can really dress this bodysuit up and or down. This is now my new fashion must have.

This was another one that I thought maybe size up since it is a little snug in the chest. But otherwise its true to size.

Next, I got this black flounce sleeve dress. When I first tried this on, I regretted buying it and felt that it didn't look well on my body. It did nothing for me. I tried it with a plain black belt around the waist and was much happier with the turnout. I don't think I will ever wear this dress without some type of belt around the waist to accentuate my body/curves. One thing I do like about this piece is the flounce sleeves. It's different and adds a little something to the dress.

I was looking for a couple basics while on SHEIN and I stumbled across this one shoulder plain white shirt. I love styling this as a bodysuit look and tucking it into whatever pants I am pairing with it. This shirt is a staple piece and it super comfy. I also bought it in black which I styled with the plaid dress showed above. This shirt is perfect to dress up or down.

I realized I never took any pictures in this shirt except for this mirror selfie so this is the best I got. Don't mind the messy room and crocs :) But lastly, I purchased this plain black long sleeve that has a cutout front neck line. When I first tried this on I noticed the cutout was a little looser than I expected but once you get it to sit right, its perfect! This is another shirt I love to style as a bodysuit and tuck it in.

I would love to know if you guys have ever shopped from SHEIN and your opinion on your experience. :)

xoxo, Amanda

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