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Updated: Feb 5

When I was younger, I was super picky with any type of denim, especially my jeans. I would literally cry to my mom in the dressing rooms because I didn't like how baggy certain jeans were, the material, the cut or length. It would take me forever to find a pair that I actually liked. I always needed to have jeans that were glued to my legs, they had to be the skinniest of the skinny.

My friends were all getting there jeans from Hollister and Abercrombie which were always so expensive and I never understood the hype for almost $100 jeans. (Now as I have gotten into fashion, I have realized good quality jeans are worth the money, they are your staple pieces) My mom would refuse to buy jeans from stores like that, which I don't blame her. But after hating how jeans from Old Navy and Jcpenny's fit on me, I finally convinced my mom to try out American Eagle jeans, and I have stuck with them for years now. Which I will say can be pricey as well but I think they are very much worth every cent and they are always having sales, which is always a plus.

Now I will be honest and say, I have yet to try Hollister jeans. But when my friends would talk about their jeans, they would mention how they always made the booty look flat which is just a no go for me thank you very much. With American Eagle jeans, I think they make anyone's booty look amazing always and never flat, which I think is something we all want. As far as Abercrombie, I ordered some of there jeans during a sale this summer... but me not knowing what size would be good for me, I ended up buying jeans that were way too big for me. I returned them without exchanging them and have never tried a pair since. But I will definitely give them another go soon.

But this post isn't about Hollister or Abercrombie, it's about the one, the only, American Eagle. Now, American Eagle if you would like to sponsor me, work with me, send me clothes, anything because I literally live in your jeans at this point, I would absolutely love that please and thank you :)

Before I get into the amazing pairs that I think everyone should buy and have in their closet, I would like to say AE jeans have always been true to size for me and I always stuck with my same size every time. As far as for their curvy line, I tried to stick with my regular size and it was not working for me. When I purchased some curvy jeans, the high waisted curvy pair was up to my chest and just seemed to have a lot of extra material at the bottom, not fitting my body like normal and how I like. So I do recommend sizing down if purchasing those! The size guide on the website helps too!

Now lets get into my favorite, must have denim jeans that you need to buy ASAP...

I have never been a mom jean or boyfriend jean kind of lover, but recently I have fallen in love with this style and its my new signature go to look. I always thought they were too baggy and never flattered my body but let me tell you, they're my new obsession. Everything is perfect about this pair, the shade, the fit, everything. I think this is a pair you can wear with anything and its just a staple mom jean that everyone needs.

*I will say for any mom jean or boyfriend jean, I always size up but I get regular length even though I'm tall and they always fit just right*

These are the AE Stretch Mom Jean in Campus Brights

Now if you have a body like mine (thicker/curvier), these jeans are going to be your best friend. This pair makes my booty look absolutely amazing and I was speechless when I tried them on for the first time. The second I received these, I fell in love. First off, the color was lighter than I expected but that is what caught my eye the most, its a light wash but also looks more of like an acid wash. This pair fits like a glove. Highly highly recommend grabbing these on your next run to American Eagle.

These are the AE Next Level Soft Knit Super High Waisted Jegging in Light Tinted Wash

I have already talked about these jeans in my previous post, so if you haven't bought them by now, then I don't know what you are doing...

If I had to wear one pair of jeans for the rest of my life, it would be these ones right here. This color is similar to the last ones I mentioned above, where I thought they would be a light wash but its more like an bright acid wash blue. Its very different to me which is one of the reasons why I love them so much. They are also the perfect mom jean which I mentioned before is the style that I have been obsessed with. These jeans always make me love my outfit when I wear them and I honestly cannot recommend them enough!!!

They are the AE Stretch Mom Straight Jean in Light Aglow

I feel like everyone needs a dark wash high waisted skinny jean in their wardrobe. It's something you can never go wrong with. This pair is the perfect rise and snugs to your body just right. I feel like its just a staple pair that you can wear with everything and anything.

These are the AE Next Level High Waisted Jegging in Dark Wash

This pair also comes in 5 other colors, so if your looking for a high waisted pair but in a lighter or even darker wash, I would go check these out.

Normally, I would always just stick to the basic dark and light wash denim and never tended to gravitate towards colored jeans as much. But while I was buying these, I knew I was leaving for a trip soon and visualized so many different outfits with them, so I just had to give them a try. I love to pair them with a white top so the color of the denim really pops out. If you are deciding on trying colored jeans, I recommend giving these a try!

These are the AE Next Level High Waisted Jeggings in Brown

Now I want to mention one last pair that I don't have any pictures in, but they are the AE Next Level Super High Waisted Jegging in Navy. I absolutely adore this pair right here. They caught my eye because I don't own any pair with a tie belt attached and I thought it would be a new fun pair to add to my denim collection. With the belt, they add a little more or a dressier vibe which I love. Kind of gives me more of a business look. I will say they don't feel like the denim material as the others do and feel as more as a dress pant.

Go check out American Eagle jeans ASAP and let me know in the comments where you get your jeans from. I would love to try new places to find new denim!



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