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I think I can speak for everyone when I say Amazon is one of the best and most convenient places to shop. You can literally find everything and anything. I have been on the hunt to find some new fashion favorites recently on Amazon (I know, risky for shopping apparel) that would be some must haves. I am pleasantly surprised to say that these 5 pieces definitely are! All these items are super affordable and I highly recommend.

I want to start by talking about my new favorite bag. Over the years, I have grown to be a bag kind of gal. When I was younger, I never wanted to hold anything like a purse or backpack. But finding my way into fashion changed that completely.

I think this bag is a perfect luxury dupe and looks extremely high end. Its a sleek matte black purse which is like no bag I own. Most black purses I own are that glossy black which are still super cute but this one stands out so much more. Its the perfect medium size and has 3 little pockets inside as well as a outside zipper pocket on the back of the bag. It does come with a shoulder strap to wear crossbody or over the shoulder but I love styling this one hand held. Also, this bag comes with a black pom pom keychain attached but I prefer it without.

I am very hesitant when it comes to buying any type of gold jewelry because I hate worrying about wearing something too long where it rusts and turns green. But I'm also too broke to be buying anything super expensive right now (ugh the struggle); so finding affordable, good quality jewelry is my way to go.

First gold piece is this 18k gold plated crystal bangle. Now I have pretty big wrist unfortunately 🙄 so the only down-side to this one is that it is a little more on the tighter side for me. In the description it does say "Fit for anyone" and that it is adjustable. For me, it isn't that loose bangle look I wanted. Because of that, I won't be wearing it as much as I thought but I do recommend if you are looking for a simple gold bangle and you do have a smaller wrist.

The next two pieces I purchased were these two gold necklaces. I wanted these necklaces to layer each other so I bought these in two different sizes. The first one is this Mirabella thin rope gold chain. This is 18k gold over sterling silver. I have had no problems with any color change or turning my skin green. I bought this one in a 16in, 2mm. Now I will say with this size, it is a little tight, acting as more of a choker necklace. But I do love how this necklace is very simple and dainty.

The second necklace shown is this Mirabella herringbone chain. This is also 18k gold over sterling silver and just like the other necklace, I have had no problems with any color change. This one I bought in an 18 inch and love how it sits. This chain definitely dresses up the outfit and adds a little more to it. I am very impressed with both of these and recommend checking out the this brand!

The last and by far best thing that I purchased were these small gold hoops. Now if you know me, you know for the most part I always wear silver jewelry ,which is why I tried to shake things up and decided to buy all gold. For my everyday earrings, I always have silver studs or my basic small silver hoops. But from the minute these babies arrived, they have been my GO-TO, even when I'm dressed in my scrubs for work lol.

These earrings are plated in 14k gold and are the perfect small, chunky size for everyday. They do also come in silver if you are more of a silver lover. But these earrings are definitely going to be a staple piece for me and will be worn a lot!!!!!

I still have many things in my cart that I want to purchase and try out so a part 2 will be coming soon. Comment below if you have any fashion favorites from Amazon that I can check out!!

xoxo, Amanda

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